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Editing an existing User (JavaScript Validations are ON)

Access Information

Validations: Required, Must be a valid Email Address.

Validations: Custom - must be unique. Try 'BobRules'.

Validations: Required, Must be between 5 and 10 characters, Must be the same as the Verify password field.

Validations: Required.

Validations: Required.

User Information

Validations: A regex ensures that only Dr, Prof, Mr, Mrs, Ms, or Miss (with or without a period) are allowed.

Validations: Required on Update.

Validations: Required on Update OR if a First Name has been specified during Register.

Do you like Cheese?

Do you like Chocolate?

Validations: Required if neither Do you like Cheese? nor Do you like Chocolate? are true.

Validations: Numeric - notice that an invalid value is redisplayed upon server side validation failure.

Allow Communication

Validations: Required if Allow Communication? is true.