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Welcome to ValidateThis

ValidateThis is a validation framework for ColdFusion objects.

Its main goal is to provide a means of generating both client-side and server-side validations from a set of user-defined business rules.

Getting Started

ValidateThis QuickStart Guide

Upgrading Your Rule Definition Files

The format required for rules definition files changed in ValidateThis 0.98, in a way that makes older rules definition files incompatible. If you are upgrading from a version prior to 0.98 please read the following page which describes the change and includes a tip for easily upgrading your files using Eclipse.

Upgrading Your Rules Definition Files

About ValidateThis

Overview, Features, Installation & Requirements

Presentation Recordings


Using ValidateThis

Defining Validation Rules

Configuring the Framework

Using the ValidateThis Facade Object

How ValidateThis Finds Your Rules Definition Files

Specifying the objectType on a Method Call

Working with the Result Object

Using the Custom Validation Type

Internationalization (i18n) with ValidateThis

Alternate Integration Methods

Integrating VT into your Business Objects

Integrating VT into your MVC of choice

Extending ValidateThis

Creating New Validation Types

Creating New JavaScript Implementations

Reference Guides

Rules Definition File

ValidateThisConfig Struct

Validation Types Supported By ValidateThis


Release Notes

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