Welcome to the home of ValidateThis

ValidateThis is a framework that allows you to define validation rules for your ColdFusion objects in a single place (either an XML file, a JSON file or in ColdFusion code) and will then generate client-side and server-side validations for you.

Note that as of version 0.96, you can also use ValidateThis to validate a simple structure - you don't need to be working with objects. Also note that your metadata can be in the form of JSON as an alternative to XML.

Please check out one of the demos, linked to the right, to see the framework in action, as well as a sample xml file.

The framework, as well as all of the demo code, can be downloaded from validatethis.riaforge.org. Near-complete documentation is now available at www.validatethis.org/docs/, and more in-depth discussion can be found at my blog.

The framework itself has been designed to be extremely flexible and extensible. For example:

  • The framework ships with a wide variety of built-in validation types. It is easy to add custom validation types without having to touch any existing framework code.
  • The framework ships with client-side validations implemented using the jQuery Validation Plugin. It is possible to add other client-side implementations (e.g., prototype, spry, etc.) without touching any of the existing framework code.
  • When validation failures occur the framework will return a suitable and meaningful failure message. These default failure messages can easily be overriden by an application developer.
  • In addition to failure messages, the framework will return metadata about the validation failure, which can be used to further customize the display of failure information to a user. This can facilitate internationalization.
  • The framework can be used in conjunction with any other framework (e.g., Transfer, Reactor, etc.), or no framework at all. As long as you are using a Business Object, you can use the framework to fulfill your validation needs.
  • The framework now supports internationalization (i18n).